Online Book Store

If one were to take a survey of the people in the present day world who still use a regular book store, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a very dismal statistic. Personally speaking, I can’t remember the last time I accessed a conventional book store. At least, I can’t remember doing so especially after the advent of online book stores. In today’s information age, when just about anything is online, it comes as no surprise that things like online book stores exist. In fact, online book stores were probably the first products to invade the cyber sphere. It makes perfect sense.

According to Beijing Business Today, Zhongshuge Bookstore, a modern and highly popular place in China in recent years, and traditional chains such as Beijing Xinhua Bookstore, Beijing Book Building and Wangfujing Bookstore have all shifted their main markets from offline to online, promoting sales through livesteaming and limited-time book discounts.

Source: https://asiatimes.com/2020/02/livestreaming-online-boost-bookstore-sales/

Books after all, are a source of knowledge. And the advent of computers literally converted bulky paper-filled offices into nearly paperless ones. Since books are the primary paper products we use on a daily basis, it was an obvious choice for books to go online!

But wait. There is one notable difference between an online book store and a paperless book store. While an online book store makes it convenient for a book lover to access books from all over the globe, browse through them paperlessly and even order them through the click of a mouse, they still deal with paper books. To understand this better let us look at how an online book store actually works. To begin with, most conventional u=readers of books try and access them in brick and mortar book stores. But such an establishment has its drawbacks.

The capital costs involved and the inventory that needs to be maintained makes it difficult, not to mention expensive to offer the widest array of books to choose from. But with an online book store, such issues are negated. An online book store can allow users to browse through million of titles, read reviews regarding the books and then order them if they feel like it. It is only then that the online book store operator will order the book and mail it across. This not only increases the range and scope of online book store activities, but also absolutely minimizes their inventory costs.

This is the reason why even companies, which began their lives as conventional brick and mortar book stores have converted themselves into online book stores. The most prominent name that comes to mind is Barnes and Noble. This reputed establishment used to be a purely offline store. But having changed and evolved with the times, it is probably the most visited online book store. Amazon is another name of an online book store that comes readily to mind.

Speaking for myself, each time I feel the urge to buy a good book, I spend hours poring over the Barnes and Nobel and Amazon online book stores. In fact, the bulk of my library is composed of books I have ordered from such online book stores.